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About Life Sciences Foundation (LSF): The ‘Life Sciences Foundation Trust’ was founded by Dr. O. P. Kohli on 13 April 1996 to disseminate his spiritual teachings worldwide and to carry out humanitarian work. The spiritual teachings & guidance by Dr. Kohli are regularly published in LSF’s quarterly publication – “The Divine Vision”. Video recordings of Dr. Kohli’s spiritual discourses are also available LSFs website. All the spiritual teachings and ideas of LSF originate from the teachings of Sri Sri Parmahansa Yogananda Ji.

LSF Address: 1, Rose Avenue, Chattarpur DLF Farms, New Delhi-110074

Aims & Objectives: The ‘Aims and Objectives’ of Life Sciences Foundation is to guide people with spiritual hunger. The teachings and guidance of LSF encompasses every aspect of human being i.e. body, mind and soul, and the truth flowed in a ceaseless stream from Sri Sri Parmahansa Yogananda Ji as practical expression of that supreme wisdom which brings success, health, enduring happiness and Divine love into all the circumstances of life.

As we all know that our world civilization moves into the 21st century and as such our greatest aim for optimism is the emerging recognition of oneness of life and a deep sense of reassurance in the face of profound challenges confronting our world today. By learning to integrate our lives with this universal harmony we can come out victorious to meet any challenge to our well-being.

A more detailed explanation of the underlying principles of LSF can be had from LSF Ashram, 1, Rose Avenue, Chattarpur DLF Farms, New Delhi – 110074.

Trust Corpus: Life Sciences Foundation is a Non-Profitable and Charitable Organization. LSF maintains the “Trust Corpus Fund” to achieve the objectives of LSF and to promote, conduct, maintain, support, equip and serve the poor and deserving people in the country towards realization of infinite resources of peace, love and joy.

Donations: Given the spiritual & charitable nature of the organisation, donations are welcomed from those who are willing to promote and participate in this good cause. All donations to LSF are exempted under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 for all donations. For people outside India, who are willing to make donations, LSF holds a foreign currency account as per FCRA-1976 sanctioned under the orders of Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, for receiving foreign donations in any currency. Details of this account is are follows –

A/C Name: Life Sciences Foundation
A/C No. 00940100007123
FCRA  A/C No. 00940100010506
Bank: Bank of Baroda, Yashwant Place, New Delhi  

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