About Dr. Kohli

About Dr. O P Kohli

Dr. O. P. Kohli is one such humble soul who, since childhood, has been a  sincere seeker and has followed the path of strict self discipline advocated by his revered spiritual Guru Sri Sri Parmahansa Yogananda of “Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS)” and “Self Realization Center, California (USA)”. He is a kind of mystique, for anyone who has been in his presence cannot fail to be affected by his aura and spiritual peace & serenity that he radiates.

Lovingly known to some as “Bhai Sahib” and others as “Guruji”, he was chosen by destiny to experience and reveal to the world that it is insult to yourself to be born, live and die without knowing the answer to the mystery of why you were sent here as a human being in the first place. With this soul searching burning desire in him, he established “LIFE SCIENCES FOUNDATION”- A Non-Government Organisation in April, 1996. Dr. Kohli is today serving as “Beacon Light” for guiding the ignorant masses and providing Spiritual healing even where medical and modern medicines fail to respond. With the soul intention of serving masses, he set up LSF Ashram and Meditation center.

Dr. Kohli offers enlightening counsel to all who are seeking to understand true purpose of life. In this complex materialistic life of today he brings clarity and compassionate wisdom, opening before us a larger, more far-seeing VISION of who we are, and where are we going. Through his discourse and writings in “THE DIVINE VISION” he is showing to the world that the practice of Yoga establishes an inner attunement with God that constitutes the universal basis of all religions. Theoretical books on religion fail before actual experience of God. Truth cannot be wholly proved to any seeker by another, but by the practice of Yoga meditation all of us can prove truth for ourselves through direct experience.

Dr. Kohli, at a very young age, was devotedly very much interested in Yogic powers, the art of Tantra, Siddhis and awareness of spiritual practices. He has spent over twenty years researching and studying books and literature on various spiritual traditions that rose in India over many centuries. He has been in close association with many yogis, healers, clairvoyants, practioners of Chinese Ki Kung and other extraordinary persons who are in contact with their Gurus and ever present saints living today in the Himalayas. Dr. Kohli got his Kriya Deeksha from the YSS in the year 1984. He is a Kriya Yogi of high order, and has inspired many LSF devotees to undertake the spiritual lessons & Kriya Deeksha from YSS.

His Publications & other contributions

  1. Authored Students attitude towards Religion (Approved and financed by ICSSR, New Delhi. First Edition, 1992)
  2. Forwarded & prefaced few books in Hindi eg. “Gyan Ganga
  3. Produced documentary film  “Mazar Ke Phool“, which was recently telecasted on DD Kashmir